Hard Times

by Derek Wayne Martin

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released April 9, 2013



all rights reserved


Derek Wayne Martin Orlando, Florida

Derek Wayne Martin is a singer-songwriter out of Orlando, FL. Derek's music sounds anywhere from a stroll in the park under the night sky, to a folk-rock ruckus. Trying to reconcile things of God, spirituality, and relationships/life, Derek crafts melodies and chords along with musings of questions, comments, and reflections on life itself. ... more

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Track Name: Intro
With my head down
I can barely see the ground
I used to be fine
But all I see is your eyes
Track Name: I'm Not Looking For You
I've searched and haven't found
I've knocked and doors remained shut
I've looked for you, but blindness still remains
I've wanted things to change, but everything's the same

I've retreated and taken a seat
I've hidden behind these words
I've planted myself on this barstool
Cause I'm tired of looking for you

With my hands in the air
With my feet on the floor
With whiskey in my veins
With my pockets run poor
You know where to find me
You know it's true
That I'm done, I'm not looking for you

You can search in all the wrong places
You can look in all types of scenes
But to find me, you need only go
To the place where I'll wait for you to show

It's exhausting and I am tired
Of searching for something I fear has expired
If you're out there, it's up to you
My flag is up, and I am through
Track Name: My Turn
Am I just another song to be sung
Am I just another melody to be hummed by no one
When's it gonna be my turn to flow from your lips
Or am I just another tune to drift silently into the mist

Everybody's got their songs, and I've heard most of them
And they've got someone to sing along, but I want to know when
My melody will fly away
From the mouth of an angel, into the brightness of the day

I know my song can be sung
I know the tune is easy enough
But I'm so tired of no one knowing the words
Oh my God, when's it gonna be my turn
Track Name: Mouth
I told you to not say a word
But your mouth kept on moving
And I'm pretty sure I heard
But I didn't want to fell it
Cause I knew what you were saying
When your mouth kept on moving
And my heart stopped

Oh I want to spend time with you
But not like that, no not like that
Track Name: Gideon
Where have you been?
Where've your hands been when I've needed them
Cause I've heard your strong
But I feel you've been a joke all along

I know I'm weak
Desperate and searching to see
What you're capable of
Cause this winepress makes things so tough

I need a sign
Cause my breath can't possibly find
A soul to make this worth it

I'll comply this time
Give me the strength that you find
And my men will choose
To sacrifice everything for you

Cause I have nothing left
I've stood at your altar and wept
Cause this seems absurd
Like a child I've given up to your word

Take me down
Cause I'm scared, but I'll be your clown
We'll all make the sound
And kingdoms will fall to the ground

Cause your sign, and your breath
Have made this worth it
Track Name: Hard Times
This isn't easy, it's not what I planned upon
But I'll go down swinging with the rest
In hopes that being broken
Might raise my weary feet
To brush the gates so You can carry me

These are hard times
There are tears being cried
But I don't want them falling out in vain
These are hard times
I have no more strength to try
So take me down so I can walk again
Take me down so I can walk again
(You know I'm trying hard to walk again)

Why do You make my hear so sad at times?
It's like a levy torn by a hurricane
I guess it's evidence
That things aren't as they should be
But could You help me out or make things easy?